Honey Process Coffee on a Rasied Bed

Honey Coffee

Honey Coffee - Impact on Cup Profile

We thought we should resurrect this blog about Honey Process as we've been asked a bout the process quite a bit of late.

You may already know that there are a number of methods for processing coffee and each will have an impact on the cup profile (taste)

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If you are reading this then you found our new website.


Every so often

Every so often a coffee comes across the cupping table that just raises the eyebrows a little higher than normal. ) In very basic terms - if you only buy one bag of coffee a year it should be this one.

Stone a Crow

New Espresso Blend Launched - This is an intense juicy sweet zest fest - the acidity is way up front but really very pleasing - orange, pear drop and Granny Smith apple bite.

Are you drinking the perfect coffee?

Understanding the perfect coffee prompted me to write the below - which is how I tried to explain it to potential customer after being brewed an overly strong and very bitter cup of coffee – that was way off the sweet spot.