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Nicaragua Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

Cup profile and tasting notes

Antioxidant-rich infusion with subtle notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red currant, tamarind and sweet tobacco.

Coffee Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea
Farm Finca Santa Maria
Variety Caturra
Process Dried Cascara
Altitude 1250 - 1480 masl
Owner Victor Robelo
City/Town Matagalpa
Region Jinotega
Country Nicaragua
Certification Grown with natural soil conditioners / RFA


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Additional Information

Antioxidant-rich infusion with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red currant, tamarind and sweet tobacco.

Cascara has been a big hit with many of the cafés we supply for a long time. It is great as a hot or iced infusion / tea or cold brewed.

This will be the first year we have offered cascara to our online customers with limited online stock. If you have never tasted brewed cascara before then it has to be said - you’re missing out. It's kind of like nature's Red Bull but 100% natural.

What is Cascara?

Firstly, cascara means “husk or skin” in Spanish and in basic terms it is the dried skin of the coffee cherry. Washed coffees have their skins removed (pulped) as part of the processing method to produce a washed coffee. In the majority of cases these pulped skins are made into compost and used as a natural soil conditioner for the coffee trees back on the farm but here they are collected and then dried on raised beds in the sun.

You can’t really call brewed cascara a coffee although it comes from the coffee cherry, nor can you call it a tea since it does not come from the camellia sinensis plant (tea) thus it can’t be classified as a true tea. Nor is Cascara quite what some people imagine when they think of a herbal tea, as Cascara is made from a fruit rather than a herb. So seeing there are a number of tisanes made from fruit this maybe the best category for brewed cascara.

What does it taste like?

Well this cascara can be described as having a sweet, fruity taste with notes of rose hip, hibiscus, cherry, red currant, mango and sweet tobacco - although this does differ from where the crop of cascara is grown.

This crop is from Nicaragua and was made using the skins from our Santa Maria coffee and is something quite special.

Cascara is not a new fad

Cascara has been a staple drink of Yemenis and Ethiopian people for hundreds, if not thousands of years but is very popular in South America too (especially in El Salvador and Bolivia)

How to brew.

As with most tisanes, cascara is made by steeping the dried coffee cherries in hot water or cold water for cold brewed cascara.

There are no exact brew ratios for the perfect cup, but in general eight grams to an eight oz cup seems to work well. Proper brewing yields a dark red tea colour brewed over 4-5 mins or up to 7-8 mins

For a hot infusion we recommend steeping three tablespoons of cascara in 285ml of hot water for four minutes. This can be done in a French Press (aka - cafetiere)

For a cold brew, we suggest six tablespoons to 350ml of filter cold water, steeped for 12 to 16 hours. It's a great cold drink, because it's both refreshing, and caffeinated.

We have found that you can steep cascara for as long as you want, and it will only increase in strength, without off flavours developing.

How much caffeine?

If you are wondering about the caffeine content then it is around 75% less than a cup of same volume of brewed filter coffee.

Note: This is not Cascara Sagrada