Covid19 Update

UPDATED 25/03/2020

Corona virus update

The UK Government has announced that all non-essential businesses must close for a minimum of 3 weeks but online businesses can stay open. It also insisted on the stopping of all non-essential travel.

So are we doing our bit to combat covid19?

We have reduced our staff down to the owners of Coffee Real (husband and wife team) and have laid off our staff on full pay so they can stay at home and pay their bills.

The Roastery is situated less than a mile from our house in the same small country lane in the middle of nowhere - we are not coming in contact with anyone outside of our household

We have cancelled all deliveries and visits to the Roastery

We have enough raw coffee stocks to last us certainly six months

All orders for small independent food / farm shops and internet orders are picked up by Royal Mail or by carrier who are still working - these orders are picked up from outside the roastery - no one comes into the Roastery.

We are immensely proud of our business and skilled team we have developed over the last 11 years and we will do everything we can to support it and them in the coming weeks / months.

We would like to thank all of our online customers and the independents that continue to support us where they can.

To our food service customers that have had to close - we will be here ready and waiting to get back to normal when allowed.


UPDATED 23/03/2020 - We do everything we can to meet the delivery times specified, but due to high demarnd at this time you may experience no more than a 24 hour delay in receiving your order.